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You have probably found this website because your personal debt is beginnning to get out of control and keeping up repayments is difficult, you may even have missed several payments. Fear not, expert debt help is at hand to assist you out of your current financial troubles. At, our expert debt management partners can offer to consolidate your debts into one lower monthly payment, relieving much of the stress that you are currently under.

For US residents seeking debt consolidation we would recommend visiting for free, impartial debt help and debt consolidation loan quotes.


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What Is Debt Consolidation?
Debt consolidation is a popular service that essentially gathers all of your debts into one place with one interest rate and one monthly payment. Those that consolidate their debt benefit from the ease and convenience of having only one payment as opposed to multiple payments. Debt consolidation can be the answer to most of your debt problems but it does present its fair share of problems.

Debt Consolidation Or Debt Negotiation – Which One Is Better
This article seeks to shed light on two of the top solutions to debtors’ woes: debt consolidation and debt negotiation. Depending upon you circumstances, either if these methods may be effective for you

Different Categories Of Debt Explored
Basically, there are three main categories of debt in which lie six different types. These three categories constitute the whole of the United States’ consumer debt. Within this bewildering realm, it is easy to get lost among the complexities of how debt is reckoned by different creditors. It is very easy for those unfamiliar with even the essentials to be mired technical terminology and legal matters. How can you make it easier on yourself?


Debt Management

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Obtaining A Lawyer To Help With Financial Troubles

According to data from a study carried out by the Pew Charitable Trusts, seven out of 10 Americans are struggling with financial issues such as credit card debt and low/insufficient savings. For example, the average American households in the bottom quintile of the income brackets would take about nine... 

Historic highs for insolvency levels

With the economy in the UK continuing to take a battering, and with many people continuing to struggle with their finances due to debt levels and job losses, it is little surprise that many people have found themselves having to look at insolvency as the only way to get themselves out of a financial... 

Retirement home firms target of OFT

It has been reported that a number of retirement home firms have become the target of the consumer watchdog, the Office of Fair Trading.  Read More →