Renovating Timber Windows and Doors

Renovating Timber Windows and Doors

Unlike PVCu window frames that require little maintenance, timber window frames must be kept protected to ensure they do not rot or swell. The replacement of timber windows tend to be more expensive than repairing, and could also potentially lose the character of the building and its history. Therefore regular inspection of the frames, both inside and out is highly recommended.

If paint or wood stain is not regularly applied, the frame will be exposed to the elements and over time the wood will swell; causing the sashes and casements to stick and rattle. Gaps can also occur in the joints or where there is loose, damaged putty, which will lead to draughts. If left to deteriorate, the timber frames will only get much worse.

Regularly check their condition, examining the joints and Sash window repair Kent sashes. A penknife is a handy tool to check if the bottom of doors and windows and the sill have any rotten wood.

Before applying any paint or wood stain, preparation is paramount. Ensure that all loose paint is removed and surfaces are solid. Any loose paint can be removed effortlessly using a heat gun (purchased from most DIY stores), but extra care should be taken as the heat can easily crack glass.

The next step would be to replace any loose, missing putty (it is recommended to use traditional linseed oil putty) however the glass can easily be damaged while doing this, so again, extra care should be taken. Should the glass from a sash window get damaged and need replacing, it should be noted that to avoid the sash having to be rebalanced, that the replacement glass needs to be of the same weight and thickness. If there is just a small crack across one of the corners on the original pane, this is unlikely to cause any problems.

Timber frame windows and doors are prone to sticking, especially in damp weather. Beware of planing the wood edges as it could soon rectify itself once the weather dries out.

Other causes of sticking windows could be over painting, joints that are