Popular LCD TVs

Popular LCD TVs

LCD TVs have been getting famous as the technology improves and their prices continuously drop. Before, plasma TVs were a better choice for medium to large sized TVs. But, the popular LCD TVs caught attention and are as good as the plasma TVs no matter which size you need.

How Do LCD TV’s Work?

Before looking for reviews on LCD television, it is good to educate yourself on what the technology actually is. LCDs work using liquid crystals between glass panels. Electric current that is brought to the liquid crystal make each cell refract a certain color in the light spectrum visible. Light is fed to the cells using a lamp at the back of the screen on LCD TV. When thousands of crystals refract a specific color simultaneously, you get bright pictures.

LCD TV Advantages

Popular LCD TVs have many advantages over the Plasma TV counterparts. First and foremost, LCD televisions are really great for bright environments.
If you are somewhere well-lit, LCDs can provide more viewable images than other TV screen types.

LCD televisions consume lesser power compared to other TV types. Those trying to be “Green” or just back your monthly bills, LCD TVs have advantage. With LCD televisions, do not worry about “Screen Burn In” that is known to ruin the other TV types. Well that is one concern which is being cared for through technology improvements, you’ve never have to consider it a problem with popular TCL Smart TV LCD TVs.

LCD TV Review

You don’t have to worry if LCD televisions are not suited for large sizes. Thank you to technology improvements, popular LCD televisions work wonderfully just like HDTVs, whichever size of screen. Several companies produce several models of LCD televisions, the best models are:

o Sony Bravia LCD television – great sound and picture with smooth video plays and high quality
o Sharp Aquos LCD television – aquos models of Sharp are known for extraordinarily thin designs and outstanding contrast rating and quality
o Samsung LN-40A650 – the Samsung model is not great in picture sharpness but also adaptability to outlets, players etc.

This is just some small sampling of popular LCD televisions. You could see more information of popular LCD TVs.