History of Soccer and the World Cup

History of Soccer and the World Cup

All eyes are turned to Brazil, this years host of the 2014 Soccer World Cup. What is the fascination for soccer and how did we come to have the World Cup?

The first soccer fact we need to know: Americans are about the only people group that calls it soccer. Some countries call it “futbol”, pronounced “football”, while the rest of the world calls-and พนันเว็บ ufabet มือถือ spells it- “football” “-not to be confused with our American version of football.

The first “Football Tournament”, later to be called “World Cup” was held in 1930 in Uruguay and hosted only 13 invited teams. It has since grown to host a whopping 32 teams! But I get ahead of myself…

Soccer (herein to be referred to as football) was originally played in Great Britain, with the first international tournament being played between England and Scotland in the year 1872. They held two international games that season. Their first match ended with a tie, the score being 0-0, played on November 30. The second match was held on March 8, 1873 with the score ending in Englands’ favor at 4 – 2.

Skipping ahead to the 1900’s and we have the first international tournament being held outside of Great Britain. These football matches were held in Uruguay between Uruguay and Argentina. By then, it had become such a popular sport that in 1900 and 1904, they initiated it into the Summer Olympics!