Benefits of a Used Mezzanine

Utilized Mezzanines are an ideal method to augment your distribution center or storage space. Ordinarily mezzanines are semi-extremely durable floor frameworks that are normally introduced inside structures between existing super durable stories.

American Surplus hand crafts utilized mezzanine frameworks utilizing CAD drawings to suit your particular requirements. A portion of the advantages of a hand crafted utilized mezzanine from ASI include:

Practical – Mezzanines are one of the most financially savvy approaches to amplify extra room or add extra office spaces to your stockroom or storage space. This is substantially less costly than building a design without any preparation or moving to another office with the additional room. Moving would require installment of lease or acquisition of extra space, and extra local charge. In addition to the fact that you are ready to remain in your current space, yet you can cost viably augment the space you at present have.


Customization – Our pre-owned mezzanines are hand crafted utilizing CAD drawings, so it tends to be worked to your precise determinations dependent on your accessible space and needs. We will fit the pre-owned mezzanine to your current accessible distribution center or extra room, and can work with you to pick the most ideal choices to expand that space.

Extra Options – Mezzanines have many styles of mezzanine ground surface to look over dependent on your weight necessities including pressed wood, open board, bar grinding, B deck, and jewel plated. You likewise have the choice of adding mezzanine steps or a mezzanine stepping stool for protected and simple admittance to the mezzanine floor. Utilized mezzanine catwalks, doors, and hand railings can likewise be remembered for your mezzanine for extra security of your laborers.

Versatile – Mezzanines are viewed as semi-long-lasting on the grounds that they go about as a super durable construction on account of their solidarity, however can likewise be separated and migrated when required. This is great for the continually changing stockroom climate on the grounds that the mezzanine can be moved inside the structure or even taken off site to another office.

Expandable – Mezzanines can be added to and extended without bringing the current construction down. As your business grows, so can your mezzanine for extra stockpiling, workplaces, and the sky is the limit from there.

On location Installation – on hand establishment of utilized mezzanines from our professionals is quick, effective, and solid. Establishment can be finished in just one day relying upon the size and intricacy of the mezzanine. This considers activities at your office to keep on moving along as planned with little break from development.

Environment Control – Mezzanines are quite often introduced in your current office, so it exploits your current warming and cooling frameworks.

Why Buy Used?

This may be simply the primary thing you ask, and the main clear answer is that it sets aside you cash, yet this might prompt other additional disturbing inquiries. Is a pre-owned mezzanine similarly as protected as new one? The appropriate response is yes. Utilized mezzanines and custom mezzanines distribution center hardware overall is tried and examined preceding shipment. You won’t ever think twice about wellbeing of your laborers and hardware when purchasing utilized from ASI on the grounds that that is our main concern. We actually and right now use mezzanines that we gained used to structure our own office, including our new office space. Each pre-owned mezzanine is in acceptable working condition will in any case meet all of the first processing plant weight appraisals. So indeed, you will set aside cash, and no, you won’t think twice about security of your laborers or gear. Call today for a free statement and CAD drawing of a pre-owned mezzanine.

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